Officially Unofficial

As a youngster growing up in the lower Hudson Valley town of Mount Kisco, a major thoroughfare the SMP also known as the Saw Mill River Parkway got us where we needed to go.  There is also the TSP, or Taconic State Parkway.  Perhaps you have heard of this  beautiful and convenient road?  Today I am attracted to another major roadway of downstate that is an integral part of getting around in this area of the northern Hudson Valley.  The road is New York State Route 9.  Around here we are familiar with 9W, 9G, 9H and others. Directions can be confusing. Over the years I have imagined that the letters refer to various area associations:

9 W with W meaning West of the Hudson River

9 G for Germantown

9 H for Hudson

9 J for Junction

As it turns out U.S. Route 9 is a major deal and begins all the way down in Laurel, Delaware and goes clear up to Champlain, New York.  The letters do not refer to any place specifically and also include 9N, 9P, 9A, 9F, 9D, 9L, etc.

I am inspired by this neighborhood road and it’s long history intertwined with my life travels.  It’ll be interesting to see where this fondness leads.

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